19 September 2016

19/09/2016 Monday

Assalamualaikum. Seems so long i haven't update this blog. Lately ni memang busy sikit. Ha! aku dapat jadi cikgu ganti selama 4 bulan. Start from 16th May untill 23rd Sept. Supposed habis 16th May, tapi sebab masa tu kita tengah celebrate Eid Adha Al Mubarrak. anyways, HAPPY EID ADHA AL MUBARRAK bloggies! :D:D

Frankly writing (instead of speaking hikshiks!), there so many stories that i wanna share with you guys. But i don't know where to start with. since, my previous entry about my convocation, let me continued with that entry first. 

I recently graduated from UNIRAZAK or formerly known as University Tun Abdul Razak, Bachelor of Management (Human Resource) Hons :) :)  yeay! the hardship has been paid!! 

My Faculty official colour were Orange!
:)  rindu la nak pakai baju ni

   Wolf Pack

15th Convocation Ceremony University Tun Abdul Razak
31st Oct 2015

My rightie and leftie boyfriends!
love you !  :P:P

Yeay! officially graduated!
Can get married already! :P :P

We are celebrating at Magnum Cafe@ Mid Valley!

Thank You!